A guide to our Grooming Practices and Salon Conditions

Our Duty of Care:

We have a duty of care for the well-being of your dog and our team of Groomers in the Salon. Our priority during the visit is to ensure your dog is groomed in a safe environment and never subjected to unnecessary stress or discomfort. We are members of the Dog Groomers Association and follow their guidelines relating to the care and grooming of dogs during the visit. All members of our team are fully trained in the correct handling and grooming techniques to ensure their safety and the well-being of your dog during the visit. Your dog is always attended to by a team member and is not caged during the visit. We will not continue with a grooming process if it is likely to cause stress or injury to your dog and we will always endeavour to make contact with you, explain the problem and if appropriate offer an alternative solution.

Matts and Knotts:

These are the main reason for undue stress during the grooming process and as our Duty of Care recommends we will only attempt to remove knots and matts in a safe and stress-free way. Our combing techniques and shampoos will generally help to ease out knots and matts from the coat, but there are occasions when the use of clippers to remove the matts and knots is the kindest solution.

Clippering Rashes:

Some dogs may have a reaction to the clipper blades and may develop a rash under the coat fro a short period of time. This is not unusual and should clear within a few days.

Accidents in the Salon:

When using clippers and scissors with dogs there is always a possibility of minor accidents. Our training and procedures help minimise the risk. Any cuts or grazes will be treated with a medicated solution. We will always notify you on collection of your dog and record the accident on your dogs record card. We have full insurance to cover any veterinary treatment necessary as a result of our grooming procedures.

Medical Conditions and Treatments:

Should your dog be receiving veterinary treatment, please ensure we are informed of any condition that may affect the care and grooming process that we provide. Please ensure your dogs vaccinations are up to date.


Please exercise your dog prior to your appointment.


For the benefit of a well-organised Salon and the well-being of your dog we operate an appointment only system. We reserve a specified amount of time for your dog’s groom and allocate members of our team to support your dog during the entire grooming process.


We are always happy to reschedule your dogs appointment providing we are given fair notice, but not less than 2 working days. Failure to give fair notice is likely to cause us a loss of business and we we regrettably have to ask for a non-refundable deposit for future bookings.


Deposits are non-refundable and can only be transferred to a rescheduled appointment providing the minimum of 2 working days notice is given.

Late Collections:

Late collections are both distressing to your dog and costly to the Salon. We do not have facilities to offer a sitting service outside the allocated appointment times. Regrettably, we may charge a fee to offset our additional staff costs. Please collect on-time, where your dog will be looking “Dazzling” and anxiously waiting for you to return, don’t delay, it’s the kindest thing to do!


Please exercise your dog before the appointment and drop off and pick up on time, Thank you.