Family Dog Groomers Since 2001

Lynn trained at the award winning “Groomers Academy” in Shropshire and opened her 1st Salon in 2001.

From the start we wanted to offer  a grooming service for  all family and rescue  dogs irrespective of their breed or cross breed, shape or size. We are not about show dogs, we are about family pets who need to be kept well groomed for their comfort,  and the comfort of the owner. We love and treat our dogs with respect and kindness and ensure all our staff hold the same values.

Our Salons are designed to allow maximum viewing of your dog on the grooming table and you can watch them as we get on with the groom. You can talk to any of our groomers directly and you are welcome to stop if you feel your dog needs reassurance.

We are extremely fortunate to have a loyal and passionate team of Groomers at each Salon with a variety of experience and skills. Our Head Groomers  have a minimum of 6 years grooming experience. All are dog lovers and owners. There is always a trained Dog First Aided in the Salon.  All new staff are backing up their grooming techniques with City and Guilds based study in animal care and help us to keep up to date with the best grooming practises.

Our Groomers form a bond with your dog and get to know what they like and  dislike and what style you prefer as the Owner.We  want our Groomers to be proud of every dog they groom, be happy they have done the best they can for your dog and they always hope that you are equally as pleased.


Please exercise your dog before the appointment and drop off and pick up on time, Thank you.