Pricing System & FAQ

We charge for the time needed to groom your individual dog, for certain breeds this will be a combination of 2 Groomers time:

 2 groomers spend 1 hour grooming – charge will be for 2 hours

1 groomer spends 2 hours grooming and is assisted for ½ hour – time charged for is 2.1/2 hours

This can be a big benefit for heavy coated dogs and larger breeds .

Comb Out, Ears Cleaned, Full body shower including face, Drying with hand dryers , Scissoring, Clipping, Paws, Nails trimmed, Styling, Salon finishing spray.


No clipping or scissors:

½ Hour – From £25
1 Hour – From £30

To include clipping and styling:

1 Hour – From £35
1.1/2 Hours – From £39
2 Hours – From £49

All large and Extra Large Breeds – Call For Individual Price

What we need to know from you  to allocate the right amount of time:

Q. What breed or cross breed?
A. Shesa Border Collie  Or Labrapoo Or  Springer cross, etc.

Q. How longs the coatand what condition is it?
A. She’s  short – brushed every day  , She’s medium brushed daily  , She’s has a thick heavy coat and I have trouble getting the comb through, etc.

Q. What Style and shape do you require?
A. Usually a traditional shape Or a clip off Or a Teddy bear shape, She’s a working dog, etc.

Q. Is she average size, smaller or bigger?
A. Average for breed, A bit on the big side – Smaller than most, etc.

Q. How old is she?
A. She’s a puppy , 4 months  – She’s 10 plus – not sure she’s a rescue, etc.

Q. Are there any health or skin problems?
A. No , she’s fine, – She’s On medicated shampoo from the vet – She  has trouble standing, etc.

Q. When was the last time she was groomed?
A. This is her first visit, Every 3 months , Oncee a year, etc.

Q. How is she with the dryer and clippers?
A. She’s good with both, She doesn’t like the clippers – I’m  not sure, etc.

Q. What’s her general temperament like?
A. She’s really nervous, She chilled out, She will have a go at the clippers you might to muzzle her, etc.

Included in the Full Groom price – as a separate visit – £10.00 per dog

Severely matted Dogs – when a clip off is agreed as an extra – £15  on top of the groom.

Additional time spent de-knotting – £5 per 15 minutes on top of the quoted price.

Late collections are charged at £10 after 15 minutes.

We Understand

Not all dogs are perfectly well behaved! – Not all dogs enjoy the grooming experience !

It may be their first visit, they may be nervous and anxious,  they may be a rescue dog, they might have had a previous bad experience, they might not like clippers,  the noise of dryers etc… None of these conditions are unusual, but they may have an impact and what we can do  and how much time we need to allocate .

Our experience and training helps us work with these dogs and generally we can overcome their nervousness and resistance with kindness and patience. We will not cause a dog discomfort or place our staff at risk, just to complete the groom. In these circumstances we will stop the groom and call you to agree the way forward and any additional charges. We will always put the dogs well being first .


Please exercise your dog before the appointment and drop off and pick up on time, Thank you.